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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2023

Now whether you love it or hate it, at some point everyone has to dive into the realm of Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Sometimes it’s exciting, but for most (in my opinion) it can be pretty exhausting, and it shows when you see those last-minute people rushing round the high street on the morning of the 14th. When I worked at Debenhams back in the day it was one of the most entertaining days of the year, those poor guys hunting for Valentine’s Gifts (and girls if you’re equally as last minute!).

Unless there’s a big grand gesture involved it can be a mine field. Fear not! With a couple of weeks to go (and Royal Mail back to normal now after the Christmas drama), we’ve got a run-down of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will fill you with inspiration, create a warm fuzzy feeling inside (or some other kind of feelings, but we’ll get to that!), or even just tick that box so it’s one less thing to worry about.


Ready? Here we go…


What is the best gift for Valentine’s Day?

Isn’t this the ultimate question? And can potentially include the ultimate budget if you get carried away and want to splurge! Have you seen the cost of a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day? Wow, but TOTALLY worth it. Notice how I stopped at the price of roses as a Valentine’s gift and not a 5* holiday in Dubai? We start small… 😉

As Best Valentine’s Gifts go, you could also go down the consumables route; quirky chocolates are always a firm fave, or a keepsake to have a daily reminder of how amazing you are together. Personalised key rings or wall prints are perfect for this. And what d’ya know; we’ve got new prints just for Valentine’s this year! Head over and take a look here!

Lia Laine Couple Valentines Print


1. Personalised Valentines Day Gifts

Personalised Valentines gift ideas have grown massively over the last few years, with so many options on marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon (support small!), you really can find some beautiful unique gifts to cherish your loved one.

Now obviously we rate ours pretty highly (as do a lot of people with over 900 5* reviews now, that blows our mind!), so here’s a quick plug to our personalised Valentine’s Mugs. SO many quotes have been added this year, and on our same sex couples there’s also the option to add the Pride flag to your characters too.

Lia Laine Male Couple Valentines Mug


2. Typical Valentines Day Gifts

If you fancy taking the traditional route this year, the trusty favourites never fail in my opinion:

Hotel Chocolat Valentines Chocolates? Tick.

Breakfast in bed? Tick.

A steaming bubble bath with Sand and Fog candles? Tick.

A dozen red roses? Tick.

Even more so if they’re from Amelia Rose Floral Couture, I’ve been fan girling over their flowers for years! Maybe one day I’ll receive a bunch, or treat myself to some – it is 2023 after all! If you want the flowers and they make you happy, buy them = my new year motto.

There is also the trusty Valentines Day idea of a Date Night at your favourite restaurant. There are some gorgeous ones not far from us that really do pull out all the stops on Valentines; Sushi at Gochu or all out Italian gorgeousness at Italian Orchard. Love love love!



3. Cheesy Valentines Day Gifts

Look, if you like a cheesy sense of humour than this is the bit of the blog for you. I’ve gotta admit, I do love a bit of cheese (real and funny!), but how cheesy can you get? Surely Valentines gifts are the PERFECT excuse to double down on the cheese and really go all out. We’ve tried our hand at being a little punny with the cheese this year so this is what we’ve got for you:

‘Pizza My Heart’ Mug; bonus design for Pizza lovers! Where are those carbs at?!

‘Perfect Match’ Mug; a little cheese, a lot warm and fuzzy.


Lia Laine Pizza My Heart Mug



4. Naughty Valentines Day Gifts

Spicing it up in the bedroom is the perfect excuse to get a little adventurous on Valentine’s Day (if you need an excuse!). We decided to create some Naughty Valentine’s Scratch Cards this year! Choose your sexy reveal;

Lia Laine Naughty Valentines Scratch Card

      • Blow Job

      • Strip Tease

      • Dress Up

      • Massage

    Then add your personal message/name to make it a little more special.

    If you’re wanting to take it a little further, Naughty Slabs have THE BEST chocolate going. They’re UK based and specialise in offensive chocolate. My personal choice this season is their ‘You Make My Fanny Flutter’ chocolate bar, it’s an inside joke for me with some girlfriends but there are plenty others to choose from. If you like some dark humour, you definitely need to check them out.

    Do you want to go all out?

    In doing some Valentine’s gift ideas research for this section I found my way onto Love Honey, and I was expecting to find some couples bundles (which I totally did, and they look fab). However, I also stumbled upon this product and it was just too incredible not to include instead:


    I kid you not, you can create a clone of his nether regions. Absolutely brilliant! I can see this being hilarious and potentially a little disappointing for him when the final result is revealed, but this gets a solid 10/10 for naughty valentines gifts this year!



    5. Cute Valentines Day Gifts

    We could be here all day going through all the cute pink Valentine’s gift ideas that are about, but I’ve tried to narrow it down to my favourite few:


        • Soch and Co Love Letters Pencil – If you’re a hopeless romantic and still write letters (I’ve not done this for years but used to absolutely love the feeling of letter writing), these pencils are so pretty absolutely perfect.


      Soch and Co Love Letters Pencils


          • Made By Leah The Love Collection – Leah’s designs are always so amazing that I couldn’t pick one product, so here’s the link to the whole Valentine’s Collection she’s done this year! Her ‘Reasons I Love You’ Letter is such a cute way to design a personal gift to a loved one, and the ‘You Are So Loved’ chocolate bar, and her ‘Love Notes’ notebooks, you get the idea – the whole collection is a must!

        Made By Leah Love Note Notebook


        Made By Leah Love Notes Notebook


          • LissDreams: Macrame Love Heart Keyring – These heart keyrings are adorable, and won’t break the bank but will be a constant full of love reminder when hung on a set of keys. Lis also creates gorgeous Valentine’s macrame rainbows (it was hard to pick between the two!), I already have one of her other rainbows and they’re just beautiful!

          Liss Dreams Love Heart Keyrings

          6. Single Valentine’s Day Gifts

          All the Single Ladies! We have your back too. There is Galentine’s Day on the 13th, but I’m sorry, it’s all about the singles on the 14th too. I don’t need an excuse to treat myself though! 2023 is a total self-improvement & self-care year for me so I’m loving me as much as I possibly can this year.

          Maybe you don’t want to head to a restaurant on this day, fair enough (me neither!), but a treat from me to me? Totally here for that! Our Self Love Club quote mugs are the perfect cosy self Valentines gift & will set your day up just right. Start it will a tea or coffee in one of these and I am 100% sure your day will be fantastic.

          Single Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2023 - Cold Like My Heart Mug

          And If you’re a little bit cold and done with this time of year too, our Cold Like My Heart Mug goes down a treat 😉

          Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2023 Roundup!

          There are so many incredible small businesses out there that there really is a Valentine’s Day gift idea for any kind of Valentines now, isn’t that fantastic?! Go give them all a follow, and join us on Instagram too here! I’d love to see you there 🙂

          Want to keep updated? Join our Newsletter for updates on new launches and Blogs throughout the year.

          We’re on a mission to share as much love and light as we can this year, and what a perfect way to start with the most loveable day of the year!

          Whatever you do, I hope you have a fabulous day; Happy Valentine’s Day gorgeous people <3

          Amelia xx



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