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Lia Laine 101, Hello!

I’ve decided to launch with this today (6th April 2023) because Lia Laine was created in a many ways thanks to my Auntie Elaine. So, let’s start with the name. Amelia (me) = Lia. Elaine = Laine. I’d spent so long wanting to create my business in memory of her somehow and keep her in as much of my life as possible, and this has been the perfect solution. She’s now being carried through every part of my business journey with me.

Elaine passed away on the 6th April 2019, so this day is especially important to me now and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to explain why Lia Laine has been created and why I’m putting my heart and soul into it.

Lia Laine Blog About Us

Lia Laine is here because of the total unconditional love I felt from her, I could turn to her for absolutely anything (cue being stranded in Berlin one NYE and needing someone to call to help get me home!) – she was my person. If I could have picked a Mum I’d have picked Elaine 1000 times over, we spoke every single day and I could not have asked for a better mother figure in my life. 

Unfortunately, the downside of having someone so fantastic makes it that much harder when they pass, especially when it’s unexpected. I was in Dubai when I got the call that she wasn’t with us anymore, and my world fell out from underneath me. Grief is the price we pay for loving someone so much.

What does Lia Laine do?

Lia Laine is primarily here dedicated to creating gorgeous yoga and fitness gifts, that’s our thing (you can find them here) I always loved being creative I truly believe that there’s nothing that yoga and the gym can’t fix – and you can ALWAYS find room for a new personalised gym bottle!

We’ve got gifts for Yoga Lovers, Gym Bunnies and Personal Trainers. But it’s so much more than that, it’s the feeling that giving these gifts give.


Why yoga and fitness gifts?

Any one that knows me knows that I LOVE the gym (Hello 6:30am classes five times a week!), and that I get very grumpy very quickly if I haven’t practiced yoga in a few days, it’s definitely a need now for my sanity. And I do have the BEST yoga teacher! ( @thedisruptiveyogi on instagram )

But I wasn’t always this way, I have been on the other end of that scale. Weighing a too much, not moving enough, not prioritising my health at all and more importantly not having a clue where to start (that story’s for another day). I had Elaine to help because she was relentless and the only gym goer I knew back in 2014, but not everyone does and this is why my mission is to be more than a personalised gift business.

Where's Lia Laine based?

We’re based in Blackpool, and all orders are printed from our studio here. But whether you’re from the Fylde Coast, or further afield, I want to build this blog around anyone that’s looking to start their yoga/fitness journey. I remember being there and it can be tough at the beginning.

I had Elaine to help me get started (plus some heartbreak giving me a kick) but not everyone has that person, and that’s what I want this to be here for. We’re going to create ‘get started with yoga’ guides, beginner gym tips, what you need to get started with yoga and manyyy other nuggets I wish I’d known all those years ago.

What's the aim?

I’d LOVE to build it into hub of all the amazing yoga instructors & gyms with the classes / programmes being ran locally, but that’s a mission that needs baby steps!

Lia Laine was built around Elaine’s ethos of ‘look on the bright side, no matter what thunderstorm she was dealing with (and there were plenty!).

She managed to fry anything electrical; cars, phones, radios, microwaves… and lucky me that’s what I seemed to inherit when she passed. Not the trait I would’ve picked if I’m honest but here we are!

It didn’t matter what she faced, that 30 minute gym class got her through, and that’s the same for me now – I absolutely depend on the gym and yoga now, especially when everything feels like it’s imploding (this will be another blog topic in this series if you feel like your losing control sometimes).

We do create gorgeous gifts for yoga lovers, and if there’s someone you know that needs a new personal trainer mug then we’ve got you covered there too – but Lia Laine is so much more than that and I can’t wait to dive into it all and take you on the journey with us.

Come along with us!

If Lia Laine fits your vibe (I hope it does!), and you want a community of happy ‘look on the bright side’ people then come and join us on socials (links below!) and there’s our weekly newsletter too; its a dose of all the good stuff we’ve got going on and some extra discounts and freebies thrown in throughout the year too.


But seriously, this one’s been the hardest to write but I will be eternally grateful for the chance to reminisce and share her with the world. Elaine was the most incredible mother figure to me and if I can carry her memory on to make other people happy too then it’ll be a company well built. So as she would remind me whenever I needed a pick-me-up:

‘We’re here to open new doors and see what’s there, because nothing is permanent and everyone deserve to live the life that lights them up.’

I hope you find what lights you up, and if Lia Laine can help and add more joy to your life then that will be a job well done all round.

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Amelia x




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Lia Laine Blog Post

Lia Laine 101, Hello!

I’ve decided to launch with this today (6th April 2023) because Lia Laine was created in a many ways thanks to my Auntie Elaine. So,